Bekijk de volledige versie : WL138G disconnects on pages with lots of pictures

07-10-2004, 14:19
My WL-138G seems to disconnect on pages with lots of large pictures. After it disconnects, I need to manually reconnect to establish a connection with my AP. (which is a WL-500G)
As soon as I get a change to load a few large pictures into the cache, and *then* reload the page, my WL-138G stays connected.

Here's an example page:

At first I though that the sudden high transfer rates would break the connection. I tested this by downloading a few large files from highspeed mirrors, but I was unable to reproduce the problem.
So my guess would be that the problem is with the amount of connections made in a short period of time.
Strangely enough, I can run eMule (which is sure to open quite a lot of connections in the first few minutes) without any problems.

Switching off the frame bursting mode on the AP didn't help.

Did anyone else experience this as well?
Will ASUS bring out a new driver or control center to address these problems?

Windows XP, SP1 with latest updates (except for SP2)
ASUS Driver v2.0.3.19
ASUS Control Center v2.1.7.4
ASUS WL-500G, firmware v1.7.5.9-5

07-10-2004, 23:55
1: Do you have the same problem with a wired connection?

2: Try another channel (all chanels 1 by 1) (Change in router setup; wireless)

I also have a WL-138G in one of my workstations, and only get a stable connection on one specific channel. You may also consider changing to a WL-160g (If you're running W2K or WXp) This one gives me stable 54 Mbps connection irrespective of the channel with a number of conrete walls and floors between router (2nd floor) and workstation at the same positon as the WL-138g (ground floor). With the WL-138g I only get 24 - 36 Mbps connection.

3:Set preamble to short for the WL-138g (one of the options in the advanced tab of the WL-138G control center)

If this doesn't work please post a detailed setup including alle relevant settings on your router to get a sensible answer

13-10-2004, 23:16
Sorry for my late reply ;)

Thanks for your tips Brubber, I'll continue researching the problem as soon as I have the time.

14-10-2004, 10:17
Sorry for my late reply ;)

Thanks for your tips Brubber, I'll continue researching the problem as soon as I have the time.

try especially channels above 6. channel 11 for example would be nice unless there is someone else transmitting at channel 11 in your neighbourhood

31-10-2004, 22:08
Finally had some time to test a few things.

Setting preamble to short (or long) didn't make any difference.
Neither did "hard"-setting a channel. I tried all of them, and some seemed to make a small difference in the quality of the connection, but the card still disconnects.

When on a wired connection, there are no disconnects and everything works really well and fast.

I guess I'll have to buy 2 new PCI cards to solve the problem. I'm not really a fan of USB-adapters.

I also noticed that the max. transfer rate is incredibly low, 150 kb/s at max, while Windows and Asus tools say there is at least a 48 mbps connection.


15-12-2004, 12:44
Worked around, by setting a 200 kb/s download cap (using bandwidth management in the new firmware) for port 80 only.