Bekijk de volledige versie : Help needed for giFT/OpenNap and WL500gP

12-06-2007, 21:21
I've just finished reading all posts here about giFT.
I successfully installed KCeasy and Gnutella/FastTrack plugins on a Win PC. All works fine, lot of nodes/files available. Then I installed ipkg-opts for gift, gift-opennap, gift-gnutella, gift-fasttrack on WL500gP. I've manually configured all .conf files for giFT and plugins. giFT daemon starts, I can access it using giFTcurs on WL500 or KCeasy from Win PC (using remote server cfg), all networks are still in "Connecting" status,
0 users, 0 files and ... nothing more... :mad:

Can someone post me some working .conf files for daemon and plugins please ?
I've also read that some files are wrong placed during installation, can someone please clarify this ?

All I really need is an OpenNap or SlavaNap client to use on WL500, I really don't need all these plugs, but I installed for test pourposes.
Is there available an alternative OpenNap client ?

Many thanks in advance.



From my gift.log:

[22:02:00] *** GIFT-ERROR:
Your version of the Gnutella plugin is more than 1 year
old. In order to protect the Gnutella network from
older programs, this plugin has deactivated itself.

Please update the plugin with a new version from
http://www.giftproject.org/, or stop running the
plugin by runnning gift-setup or removing "Gnutella"
from the /main/plugins line in $HOME/.giFT/giftd.conf

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

It seems that Gnutella plugins actually available as ipkg is out of date... :(


13-06-2007, 20:32
Don't know how, but sometimes Gnutella plugins doesn't produce previous error and connects correctly.
My main problem still remain with OpenNap plugins.
Now I'm able to connect to my server (it seems that plugin isn't able to resolve from domain name, so I replaced hostname with IPAddress:Port).

I'm able to see users connected, but search is able to find mp3 files only, no way to find .avi, .jpg etc etc... :mad:

Is this a local problem or really giFT/OpenNap can be used only with mp3 ???

Thanks, Max