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11-06-2007, 03:08
Hi Guys,

I just bought a WL500gP and I'm a little confused with the different firmwares.
How's the relation between Oleg's firmware and Asus one?
Is it Oleg's firmware based on an Asus release? If so, does Oleg includes the changes every time Asus releases a new one?
Can you install new services (following a how-to) into an asus released firmware?
Does Oleg's modifications accesible thru the web page or thru command line?


11-06-2007, 10:16
The oleg firmware looks quit similar to the asus firmware, but
is definitely better in most instances.

It's based on the ASUS firmware, but heavily changed. New changes to ASUS firmware will not automatically go into the
OLEG firmware.

You cannot install new services in the ASUS firmware, because all the services you can install are based on the OLEG

Via the GUI you can change some settings (about the same as ASUS GUI).
Most additional packages must be installed via the IPKG package system which is commandline based.

Thus. If you want to install additional packages you have to go with the OLEG firmware (which is better anyway).
Basic linux knowledge is needed.

You can also use 'openwrt', but you need to be a linux expert to configure your box.