Bekijk de volledige versie : TwonkyMedia - max. number of MP3 files

07-06-2007, 14:30
I have installed TwonkyMedia 4.2. (trial) on my WL-500g. There are 20.000 MP3-files on an attached USB-hard drive but only about 5.700 are indexed.

I have analyzed the following:
a) If I install Twonky-Server on Windows XP all MP3 files are indexed, i.e. files are o.k.
b) There is still main memory available (used memory 3384 KB, free memory 1092 KB, max.memory available for server 10.000; swapfile 1028156 KB).
c) There is enough memory available for the Twonky-database
d) There are no error messages in the log-file

Is there anybody who has more than 5.700 MP3 managed with this configuration?
What else may I try?



08-06-2007, 11:48
I have solved the problem at least in part. I deleted the Twonky database (twonkymedia.main.db) and after that the server indexed up to ca. 18.000 files but stopped again after reaching that number.
I had to learn that the server can not handle more than 300 subdirectories per directory. After I split up my collection indexing is going on but the server has become incredible slow - about 100 files per hour.
Anybody out there who can give me a hint?