Bekijk de volledige versie : 2 ISPs - 1 WL-500gP

01-06-2007, 13:20
Hi all,

@home, I have 2 computers (1 desktop, 1 notebook), 1 router (WL-500gP - Oleg's firmware) and 2 ISP (cheap, 10$/month). I use the second ISP as a backup when the main connection is down.

The notebook is connected via wireless, so basically I have 3 unused RJ-45 connectors free on my router.

The question: if I connect the second ISP line to one of the 3 free switch ports, and I switch the NIC settings accordingly on either the notebook or the desktop (not both, for sure :cool: ) can I connect that computer to the Internet via the 2nd ISP ?

The second ISP gave me a cable modem, so - basically - instead of connecting the computer directly to that cable modem, I insert a switch in between. Does it matter if the computer is connected by wire or wireless ?

I would also like to know if this kind of configuration could insert some sort of interference in ISPs' networks (in such way that this configuration is detectable)