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25-05-2007, 19:42
I run an ASUS wl 500gp with olegs famous newest firmware

I've got a system with a fast usb stick and a usb dual Hdd (CENTER chipset via vt6204).
The stick is well recognized. (/dev/discs/disc0/)
But only one of the two hdd's is recognized (/dev/discs/disc1/) the other one isn't.
When I put only one HDD, none is recognized.
If I add one HDD to the only one, the first one of the two is recognized!
Strange behaviour!

The Jumpers are on General cable setting.
Both HDD are recognized by openSuse Linux.
Also the Paragon partition manager in Windows recognizes both HDD.
(But the original firmware only recognized one HDD).

Does anyone have an idea?