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23-05-2007, 13:38

does anyone know how much the data throughput at the USB port is?

most of the network hardware get only 1-3MB read / write speed over LAN to USB, so using a USB HDD is nearly useless ....

maybe someone can mesure the throughput? or someone know a review?

31-07-2007, 05:40
I get about 3mb/sec using lightest weight methods like nfs. This is from a usb hd that can do 26mb/sec when connected to a modern linux desktop.

Throughput on the device with hdparm is about 7-8mb/sec for the hd. On the other hand network traffic using netcat to send /dev/zero is limited to ~6.5mb.

This is all using Oleg's pre9 firmware.

14-08-2007, 15:11
With ASUS firmware i copied a 700mb from the a USB disk via the wireless. I was connected with 130 Mbps.

With this I was gette about 17MB/sec. I think that's cool. :cool: