Bekijk de volledige versie : USB Power???

19-05-2007, 02:15

I have noticed that my WL500GP cant seem to power 2 usb devices very well =(

1. Is an 2.5" External USB Laptop Harddrive (non powered)
2 .Sandisk Micro U3 1Gb Stick

When I have the wireless on, the harddrive dismounts and cant mount again.

I have found some people can load so many devices onto the WL500GP without any problems????

What should I do?
Powered USB Hub (will this fix it)?
Power for the 2.5" external case?
Change to 3.5" External Case with new 3.5" HD?

I am abit disappointed I cant use wireless now. I have had wireless turned off for a while. I dont use it often but sometimes I would like to use it.