Bekijk de volledige versie : My Experience With WL500gp

17-05-2007, 19:38
Bought it today and im amazed with this "beast", i was aiming for the 500W but the antennas arent detachable so id not be able to conect high gain antennas.
First i changed the default password, inserted the USB pen and created the partition, conected the network cable and tested the internet access with the laptop, working right on.
Download manager also tested and working at the first atempt without probs, downloaded a mp3 set to the pen from an html site as the others are blocked from work.
Tomorow ill be conecting this router to the 24db grid and test how far it will go in open space, my bluetooth experiences were great with this antenna so i gues s it wont disapoint me on wireless.
Was searching for a conversion table db to watt and if i aply 25mw on the antenna ill have 6,25 watt output :eek:
Shall be back with more results but overall im very satisfied with this machine.