Bekijk de volledige versie : Connection problems with P2P Games and some other stuff :[

09-05-2007, 16:36
Hi there,

Bought a WL-500Gp yesterday and got the device up and running. There where a few problems I didn't managed to solve.

First of all its playing p2p games like Company Of Heroes. I'm able to get to the online lobby and see current launched games. No problem at all untill I try to join a game, the message "Cannot connect to all players" pops up and I get kicked back to the online lobby. When i look at the players that also joined the game everytime there is one player indicated with a "ping timeout" mark. The ohter players pings are properly indicated with very good pings. Only 2 player games are able to play for me, so the connection can be made without any problems. But games with more than 2 players......no way :[.
Tried port forwarding an stuff. But since i'm quitte new to wireless networking maybe you guys have more knowledge.

There is another problem with the UPnP.
I have a Philips RC9800i which is a sort of mulifunctional Remote with build in UPnP support for sending music, foto's and video from a UPnP device (or computer) to TV, Tuner, etc.
It worked when streaming it from my computer, the RC9800i managed to see the WL-500Gp and was able to browse and play stuff of my computer. But what i didn't managed is streaming without my PC. As far as I've read it must be possible to store media files on a USB storage device plugged in the Router USB port. I can store files on the router's USB Drive, but cannot acces them with my RC9800i. The router cant be found as a UPnP Device. Any sollutions for this?

The last thing I was wondering is if there are people here that managed to connect a Nintendo DS to a secured network. I know that the Nintendo DS doesn't support WPA like all my other devices (Computers, Notebook, RC9800i and my PSP have no problem with connecting to a WPA secured network).
So I thought; If I set up a WEP secured network (the Nintendo DS can accept WEP secure network) the Nintendo DS will be able to connect. But no, it doesn;t manage to fing a wireless point at all. The last solution was to try connecting the Nintendo DS to an unsecured network. With a unsecured network it finds the AP without any problem, it connects and the connection strengh is allmost full. Anyone here managed to get a Nintendo DS connected to a WEP secured network?

Is there anyone that might have some tips or tells me what I'm doing wrong?

Hope somebody has teh cure for all this network pain :o