Bekijk de volledige versie : problem with the box

07-05-2007, 00:02
i have a problem with my router. i have the custom firmware from kfurge installed.

i had to reset now the router nearly every day (or sometimes twice a day) because i have after some time only a "non or limited network connection" by lan and i can't connect to the box or wan because i get no ip
--> sometime ago i rested it only once a week/two weeks --> it became more and more worse.

i have resteted the router often and installed the firmware again (without success).
now i thought when i format the internal hd the router will work again.
I installed the custom firmware and setted it up. It worked one and a half day and now its the same.
i had got also the same problem with vsftpd when i start the vsftpd.conf from /opt/etc with the new formated/rested/installed firmware.


now i don't know what i shall do. i could install openwrt, but i don't know if then everythink works correctly (because i'm not sure if there is something wrong somewhere else). and i think that i have not that knowledge to get openwrt working perfectly for me.

i hope somebody could help me, because i like the box, but i hate it when it won't work :(