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03-05-2007, 11:18
Hi all you professionals, I read your posts and must say: still do not understend what are you talking about... then I ahraid to ask my questions because it looks simple ... (not for me)

My problem: I purchase this router 2 days ago, I have sagem router (received from my provider) for internet connection. When I connect it with one of PC it works fine and have access to internet (ip address of this device is DNS entered in accordance with provider instruction)

then I connect UTP cable from sagem to ASUS WL500gp WAN port (before that change address on asus to 1.2), chande gateway on PC to 1.2... but no access to internet
I can ping both PC (connected to LAN port) and ASUS router but not sagem ( I use authomatic IP address on ASUS to connect to net and it looks as connections is established (in log)... firmaware is original from device (not oleg's)
what I do wrong? How should I configure asus router? manual from asus is not helping me...

03-05-2007, 11:52
Does the asus support normal IP on the WAN-interface?
I think the asus still tries to use PPP which the samsung will not accept/support.

Configuring the asus to use IP without ppp would work if it is possible with the original firmware.


04-05-2007, 09:27
Problem was with bad support from my provider help desk.. thay told me that WAN and LAN IP can be from same subnet.. when I change LAN IP address on diferent subnet (10.1) i get access to internet..

now need to see why domnload manager can not access shared USB disk (just can read) and how to unblock some ports for micro torent.. to heve beter bendwith :)

anybody can help?