Bekijk de volledige versie : Wireless fail--WL-500w with Oleg's FW

30-04-2007, 06:28
First I want to thank for Oleg's work on those custom firmwares.

I downloaded the WL500W-, updated, and reset the router to factory defaults.
Followed the tutorial on http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=5909&page=3, the router worked good and the transmission as well.

The wired connection is OK, but once I connect with wireless, it fails.
1. My laptop with a given IP (for example, can find the AP but
can not connect to internet (for example, www.google.com).
I try to ping, no response returns.
2. If I do not assign an IP to my laptop, it always tries to connect to the
AP and fails to get an IP (I still can find the AP on the searching list).

Is there any wrong setting for me or it is a bug in firmware ?
Could somebody help !

08-06-2007, 15:09
Anybody know, when will be published Oleg's supported firmware for Asus WL-500w. I want to know which device works with Topfield 5100t Digibox.
I like to have n-wireless enviroment.:)

cheers, comments please!

16-07-2007, 23:23
Where is this WL500W- firmware for WL-500W???

17-08-2007, 00:53

same problem like topicstarter with pre9....I have two of the wl-500w Routers...first one I do with Olegs FW works perfectly, second doesn´t work with wifi, the intresting thing...if I install the fw, wifi works...default net can connect and ping to works, if I do any work on it, it doesn´t work any tie longer, I only need do change password and tatat....wifi no longer works, can´t ping router or open internetconnection....plz help...

05-10-2007, 23:52
Here it works with oleg's firmware if I set up everything with the org. firmware and then update with oleg.s

15-03-2008, 19:36
i have the same problem. maybe oleg can fix it?