Bekijk de volledige versie : Question about WL-HDD 2.5

25-09-2004, 10:41
This question probably has to move to the question and answer section. But there is no section Q&A for the WL-HDD 2.5 jet.

I bought it a few days ago with 60 GB hard drive.

It is hooked up, wired, to my US robotics 8054 router/accespoint.

Al is wel but i having some trouble with the user accounts.
Everybody on the network can see the HDD and its partitions

Only when is set the guest account to share and write i, and the others, can acces the hard disk. I have made passworded accounts for serveral users. Some share and some share/write.
But they can only acces the drive when the guest account is in share/write mode.

When i turn this of in the configuration, should windiws not prompt you for a user name password when you want to acces the drive ??

Is this een configuration problem in the Wl-HDD or did i miss something in my Windows XP proffesional SP 2 version ?