Bekijk de volledige versie : New to Asus WL-500gP - firmware plusses and minuses??

29-04-2007, 20:58
Hi, I've just bought a WL-500gP having read what it can do. I'm particularly interested in hooking it up to my Topfield PVR among other things. I've read a fair bit, but I haven't seen a description of what Oleg's firmware does compared to the standard firmware...

It seems obvious that there is additional function along with some bug fixes compared to the Asus firmware, but apart from the change logs (a little terse), there's little info (that I've found, anyway) about what Oleg's firmware does for the box.

There are some obvious questions too... For example, the Oleg's filesize is about only half that of the Asus firmware. This could be because it's much better written, or function has been removed (or both, of course!). I'd like to know what I win and lose by switching to Oleg's firmware... can anyone offer any pointers?