Bekijk de volledige versie : Upgraded antenna and transmit power

28-04-2007, 18:21
Hi guys, what's up?
I've checked this forum a handful of times yet this is my first post...

I've recently upgraded my WL-500gP with a new antenna, this 19 dB gain dipole to be more precise (http://www.wlan-4-all.com/english/index.php?time=1177779389&seite=produktdetail&artikelnummer=1-15-19-7&rubrik1=Omni%20aerial&rubrik2=RS-19,0dBi-v) (but white in colour, with a 3 m cable :) ).
Got a little dissapointed at first, since I was getting worser SNR with it. I'm far from being a radio guru, and many times in tons of forums it has been explained that increasing transmission power doesn't necessarily enhances connection quality.

However, since the new antenna is SO MUCH BIGGER (much larger surface) I thought my bottleneck with regards to SNR was being transmission power, so I've been increasing this parameter in my router until the maximum value allowed by firmware (Oleg's, 84 mW, and my SNR has only gotten better every time. I am currently, according to NetStumbler, at 50 dB SNR (3 thin walls in between), from my HP nx9420 laptop.
My question here is to know if there's a way of increasing transmission power even further, at least just to check if I can gain some more SNR. Seems to me that the bigger the antenna, the more power you need to feed it, am I right?

Any suggestions/advices are welcome.