Bekijk de volledige versie : USB HDD as a network drive - please help

19-04-2007, 23:08
Hello everybody,

I've installed the Oleg software (on MS Vista Home) and everything works fine expect USB HDD (FAT32 formatted). I just can't find the disk it in my “network place”. It is working as a FTP server, but I can’t mount the USB disk as network disk. Maybe the Oleg soft it is working only on the Linux platform?

On the configuration site ([ I just can’t find the option to configure the USB disk. In the official software – there was “USB Application/Basic Config” “USB Application/Share Nodes” where I could specify which parts of the disk were to be shared. Also user list was clear enough. I can’t find the options in the Oleg soft.

Thanks in advance help.


19-04-2007, 23:25
To share your disk in ms network you need samba. The one included in the Oleg's firmware is an old 2 version (however, it is compact and good working in most cases). Try to search on the incompatibility between vista and samba. It is known issue. In principle there is samba 3 available as ipkg package. However, I'm not sure if you'll be able to use it with home edition at all. Check it.

20-04-2007, 06:42
You can also stay with FTP only, and using Novell NetDrive software (free), map your network drive on your PC.


20-04-2007, 09:29
Thanks for your help.

I guess that my problem is an effect of poor knowledge how to properly configure Oleg software. On the official software (which is based on the same version of samba as Oleg's) I could connect to the USB disk. That's way I think that my problem is proper configuration :(

Maybe there is a kind of manual to Oleg's soft or a page concerning USB HDD configuration.

20-04-2007, 19:09
It seems you're running the Oleg's samba demo mode.
Try using this tutorial: http://www.macsat.com/macsat/content/view/27/29/
and DON'T FORGET to set router's HOSTNAME from router web access in IP Config/WAN & LAN/LAN IP Setting.
Without this setting (not mentioned in Macsat tutorial) you'll have lot of troubles...

Good luck