Bekijk de volledige versie : Webserver WL500gP and NSLU2

15-04-2007, 21:13

I am using for some weeks now a WL500gP. My hope was tha i can use it as
Webserver runnig Apache PHP MySql. I want to have a sequre Server with a php filesystem (multiuser) and Fluxtorrent for doing some downloads. But it seems to be to heavy for the WL500gP.
Everything gets slow or the hole system sucks.
I tried many combinations like lighttpd and php-fcgi but nothing worked as i like.
So i found the NSLU2 and now my question is:

Will it be posible to do what i need with this compination? Will it be posible to run the services above without getting slow the hole system?

Thanks for information

Tyler Oderkirk
16-04-2007, 03:20
Hi Gegy,

I bought a NSLU2 a few months ago and installed debian on it. It's a neat little device but from what I've read, Apache and PHP will put too much strain on it. It's only got 32MB of RAM. However, it _does_ look like this guy managed it: http://www.avinesh.com/blog/?p=2

I recommend searching the nslu2-linux wiki to get a better idea of what people run on their slugs: http://www.nslu2-linux.org