Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-700gE for Mac users

14-04-2007, 12:27

I just purchased WL-700gE and experienced hard time instaling it (firstly, the EZsetup errors, then weird disconnections etc.).

Now it finally works as, doesn't disconnect (knock on wood) and even my AirPort Express with AirTunes is connected through it.

But I have 2 problems:
1. I use 2 PC notebooks (Dells) on home network: one of them is my corporate machine and has it's own domain, so I can't connect it to the WORKGROUP and haven't figured out yet how to "Map network drive" successfuly.

2. Mac: can't connect through smb, only working thing is ftp, but then I get only read access. However, if I connect through FTP with Cyberduck app, I can write, but it's terribly slow ...

any ideas or links to guides on how to succesfully enable this? Especially for a Mac as this one is the most important to me.

Thank you guys and keep up the good work.

Greetings from Slovenia,

15-04-2007, 08:25

for your first problem i would suggest you simply use the notation:
if you have your standard share named MYSHARE1

For Mac you have a lot of options.
If you want to keep a vanilla wl700ge with the original firmware, enable nfs on your the wl770g and make an automount. You can do this manualy using netinfo manager, or you can try sharepoints automounter.

The Solution, that works best for me is kfurge's modified firmware and installing netatalk, cups and avahi. This way you can use afp shares, print using cups and see your box using bonjour. by the way replacing the buildin mt-daapd with a new version can give you playlist, static and dynamic.