Bekijk de volledige versie : Windows suddenly looses mapping /access to HDD

13-04-2007, 12:13
Thanks to Marc and the r0ck, I've been able to get this baby up and running.

However, I've had a few problems with the Premium Box. I know this forum is for th e WL500g but I guess this is something that might affect plain G routers as well.

1) I have one Pen Drive attached which contains the swap and an ext3 parition to do all the downloading. I've connected that to the lower USB port since that apparently is the First port. This one mounts in /opt because as per Marc tutorial, I have inserrted the lines in the post-boot file.

2) In addition to this, I also have an NTFS drive in an external USB 2.0 box connected to the upper USB port. This one automatically mounts in /tmp/harddisk. This one has no reference in the post-boot. It automatically gets mounted when I insert it and disappears when I remove it.

3) Both of them get detected in Windows thanks to Samba and both of them are mapped in Vista and XP.

4) NOW THE PROBLEM: Unlike most people here, I use the NTFS drive only to access the data on it across my LAN. At night, I'd like to turn off the HDD. I try using umount to unmount it but it gives me the same error that most people here have reported. In that case, I make sure that none of my computers are using any files on the NTFS drive and then I pull the USB cord out from the drive and then turn it off.

5) Now there have been times when I have just reconnected the USB cable to the HDD and if I try browsing it in Windows, IT WORKS. However 9/10 times, if I do that, it fails to get recognised in windows. Windows reports that it could not find the drive. When this happens, I use putty and login to the router just to check. When I use 'df', it clearly shows that the drive has been remounted at /tmp/harddisk but inspite of that it doesn't work. In this case I type in /opt/etc/init.d/S97Samba and then when I try it in Windows again it works.... but only sometimes.

Most of the times I have to reboot the router twice before it shows up again.

Is there anyway for me to disconnect the USB drive safely and then reconnect it again without loosing connectivity to Windows and without having to reboot?
I'm using Oleg's firmware.