Bekijk de volledige versie : Slow 500 gP (when running BT on a computer)

08-04-2007, 13:28
My Asus 500 gP is brand new and currently it runs the original firmware.
When I do not use BitTorrent I have this situation:

tracepath orf.at
1: polar.local ( 0.132ms pmtu 1492
1: my.router ( 0.749ms
2: ( 39.681ms
3: mura ( 56.832ms
4: vie2 ( 42.580ms
5: otta ( 114.251ms
6: cvix1.apa.net ( asymm 7 44.459ms
7: cinter1 ( asymm 8 42.428ms
8: c65 ( 44.380ms
9: orf.at ( asymm 10 46.679ms !H

..but as soon as I start Azrueus (limited to 40 connections and with a
moderate up/download rate) on one of the connected computers, this

tracepath orf.at
1: polar.local ( 0.126ms pmtu 1492
1: my.router ( 1355.083ms
1: my.router ( 1099.253ms
2: ( 2190.519ms
3: mura ( 7608.323ms
3: mura ( 6610.077ms
4: no reply
4: vie2 ( 3080.518ms
4: vie2 ( 2433.642ms
4: vie2 ( 2043.583ms
5: otta ( 1593.809ms
6: cvix1.apa.net ( asymm 7 1518.536ms
7: cinter1 ( asymm 8 1748.979ms
8: c65 ( 1459.279ms
9: orf.at ( asymm 10 1708.768ms !H

...can somebody explain this strange behavior? Did someone notice the
same? And finally, will another firmware solve the problem?


10-04-2007, 15:15
hi bts,

I was also experiencing the problem, that surfing on the internet was nearly impossible (wit orig fw) while a client was using a torrent client.
Normal downloads were also affected.
I put on olegs fw and I am now on the sunny side of life.
I also connected a hd to the asus 500gP and now I don't even have to hassle with torrent clients on my clients because the router does the trick...

I advise you: use the fw from oleg...

11-04-2007, 13:06
FWIW, it's probably the WonderShaper script in the Oleg fw that does the trick, not the fw itself. Google "wondershaper" for explanations and the forum for tutorials.

11-04-2007, 21:00
Oleg's Firmware is on the router and now it's okay. I will surely add some software soon. But for now: Thank you all!