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07-04-2007, 21:28
Like everybody here, I too got my Asus router simply because of all the features it showcased only to be disappointed by the stock firmware. Long story short... thanks to you guys i've learnt so much about this router and have it running with Olegs latest firmware. I coudn't be happier. Everything i possibly needed to know is here.

Thank you all.

Lastly, I use a 4GB pendrive for all my torrent downloading with the help of SCTCS. It works great. I have one question though. How do i go about mounting an NTFS drive so I can access it on my Windows Network? I know I can't write to it, but using Samba i'd like to know how to read files from the NTFS partition on a windows network.

When I plug the NTFS drive into the router (WL500gP), it mounts it at /tmp/harddisk. I know this because I used the 'mount' command by accessing the router via Putty. I can access the files using the router's linux OS via putty by going to the /tmp/harddisk folder. The problem is that I can't access the only the contents of /tmp/harddisk under windows. I can access all the other folders found in the router under windows though. I tried using chmod to set all R permissions but i get a message saying it is a read only partition.

I hope someone here can help... i've looked around everywhere on the forum but I havent been able to find anything relating to the same.

Thanks again.

EDIT: On a whim, I decided to try the "Force User = admin" line in the smb.conf file and guess what? IT WORKED. I can see my NTFS Partition in Windows AOK. This is fantastic.