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07-04-2007, 18:47
Has anyone out there found a pre-compiled snort and libnet packages that will work on Olegs firmware??

Snort is a great IDS plus active firewall along with something like guardian.pl (http://www.chaotic.org/guardian/) makes it an active response firewall to fend off would be attackers etc.

I found one source for the packages that were mipsel compatible at this site.

http://ipkgfind.nslu2-linux.org/ (to satisfy the libnet and libpcap dependencies)

It installs fine with a quick change in ipkg.conf (root / --> admin /tmp) otherwise it gives you read only messege.

However, when I try to run snort I get the following->

snort: can't load library 'libnet.so.0'

Adding the path to the libnet library files didnt work

So I the other path would be to cross compile from source.....


I guess most compiling is done on regular linux pc with the appropriate flags for the mipsel processor (along with Asus tool chain).

However, can the wl500 to , ./configure, ./make build environment so that one doesnt have to setup a pc machine? I know it would be slow but would be nice to download the native source for something like snort onto the box and the just build it on the box itself.

Any help would be appreciated....

Thank you...

07-04-2007, 23:37
This article touches on setting up the optware-devel environment.


08-04-2007, 04:46
Easy way to get stuff to install/compile and avoid the read only file system error msg is to do a temporary mount.

mount /opt /usr

then umount when you are done

Finally got snort working!!!!