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06-04-2007, 15:08
I know this is not the right forum but I couldn't find any thread for WL520g. I have an Asus WL520g router, currently I have a fiber connection from my office to my home which is connected to WL520g WAN port. WAN has a public IP and through private IP (DHCP, me and my family members are using it in our laptops. What I want to do is I don't want any DHCP/Private IP I want to use my office Public IP in my home aswell. Now how do I do that? say I have an IP range of is the Cisco router/GW. And say my IP at office is One end of the fiber is connected to my office switch and the other one is connected to my WL520g. What should I do to configure it as same as office env? btw at office I am connected with a LAN/RJ45 cable and I use the same laptop.

Thank you in advance.