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06-04-2007, 10:42

I have network with static IP. I want to connect to the computers of this network from other network (outside the building) via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

I managed to connect to computer A ( How can i connect to computer B ( Where must i specify that RDC connects to that specified computer?

20-04-2007, 15:49
I've not understood exactly what you want.


If you want to access computers on your LAN from WAN(Internet) side of your router, like..

Internet (router WAN ip e.g. ---> Router --->MyLAN(e.g. subnet

..you can set this directly through IPTABLES, or better(for less experienced users) through WEB management page of router under Menu "NAT Setting-->VirtualServer").

Then you simply make RDP connection to WAN ip address of your router and your router will automatically redirect packets(which has had destination port 3389=RDP) to inside IP address specified in "Virtual server statement".

As long as you can't make a choice which port to use in Windows RDP client, you can make only one port-forward(one machine - because you have only one port TCP3389, and not a range of ports).

So I recommend you to set this port-forward to one station in inside LAN and then from that station make RDP connection to other COMPs.(or use VPN remote access :). This only applies to scenario if you have only one WAN address available(aka dynamic public IP address).

If you have scenario LAN-->Router-->LAN, then you should use not port-forward but 1:1NAT. You must have reserved one address from outsideLAN for one in insideLAN. Like this ... IP with is But I'm not sure if ASUS router is capable of doing this, because I have not found any possibility of setting 1:1NAT in WEB page of router. (Maybe directly through IPTABLES???)

Maybe someone more familiar with IPTABLES(router uses it for this-AFAIK) will help you..