Bekijk de volledige versie : Console on WL-500B/G

04-04-2007, 10:55
Dear All,

I would like to debug linux kernel on WL-500B(Board R1.00?not sure). So I do need a console to show the booting informations.
I searched in this forum but just don't get an easy way to add a serial port to the router. I have a TTL to USB cable and I just need to know where are the TX and RX pins of UART on Board.

1) Can anyone tell me where is the pins? (Are there these pins TX and RX on the board of WL-500B?).
2) If I cannot add a serial port in easy way, is it possible to use parallel port as the console? I found Oleg has same idea as mine. Has anyone done? ( Dear Oleg, could you please answer this question or give me some idea how to do that?) I took a look on linux kernel config, found a config like this, Character devices --> Support for console on line printer. But it seems just only for printing the booting information to a printer? Can I print it to minicom or somethings on PC?

Anyway, hope discussing with all of you!