Bekijk de volledige versie : Features of alternative firmwares

02-04-2007, 21:20
Ok, now that I've used for 2 weeks a gP router, I understand why Oleg and WRT rewrites the firmware. There are really a lot of bugs in Asus fw like net speed in or connection loss in using P2P software, or in Asus sw like DM can't download files larger that 2GB....
Is there some place where can I compare features of the original fw compared with basic (as is after a firmware install) features in Oleg's and WRT fw ?
I need to know if is possible to install an alternative fw, make the router at work soon with GUI to configure, and then, step by step, to add features.

My goal it will be:

1) a working router
2) no slow transfer on LAN
3) working fine with P2P sw
4) UPnP AV and Media Server
5) Samba

and maybe an eMule sw, and a working alternative to Download Master.
In case of problems, is there a way to go back to Asus fw even after change in memory size ad stated in the tutorial ?

Any suggestion ?

Many thanks, Max