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07-01-2004, 16:46
Hello Everybody,

I'm about to get a WL-500g (as soon as supplies are available in Germany) and have been reading up in all the forums I can find (I'm very much a noob in routers/LAN).

Here's my problem:

At present with a USB-Dsl modem I use two ISP's - One with a volume limit and no time limit, plus another provider where I pay by the minute - this one I use when my volume is used up, for e-mail and for my homepage. I don't want to use both providers at the same time.

From one computer this is no problem but, from what I have read in various other forums, when using a router it seems that the PPPoE user information must be changed in the router setup every time.

But in reading the latest manual for the WL-500g I see the point "Enable PPPoE Relay - allows stations in LAN to setup individual PPPoE connections that are passthrough NAT".

Can I use this to solve my problem? It certainly sounds like it should be possible to specify my provider from the client computer. If so how could I do this?

I'm running XPpro on all 3 computers in the LAN (wireless comes as soon as I can afford it!)

07-01-2004, 18:30
Sorry for the answer in german, but my writing in english is to bad for this :(


ja das würde dein Problem lösen, obwohl ich dieses verhalten nicht ganz verstehen kann, was spart man bei so einer variante ?

Das Problem wird sein, wenn du gleichzeitig mit allen rechnern in Internet willst einen "Server" brauchst der die Internet Traffic verteilt.
Das bedeutet unter Windows z.B Gemeinsame Internet nutzung unter Netzwerkkarte Eigenschaften ->Erweitert

Dann verlierst Du natürlich auch noch die DHCP funktion des Routers, da du die Computer so einstellen musst, das sie über deinen "Server" ins Internet gehen

Das wird auch unter Netzwerkkarte Eigenschaften TCP/IP eingestellt
Folgende IP Adresse Verwenden

IP = IP deines Computers z.B 192.168.1.xxx GANZ WICHTIG nur die letzen stellen dürfen sich von den anderen unterscheiden.
subnet: immer
Standartgateway: 192.168.1.xxx der "Server"

DNS 192.168.1.xxx der Server

Hoffe konnte damit deine Frage beantworten.

P.S. den Router gibt es schon lange in Deutschland.


02-03-2004, 17:08
A little feedback.

I just want to report that PPPoE Relay is working just as I had hoped. I have the 500g configured with the access data of my "main" ISP, with the volume based flat rate. This is used for normal connection to the web, downloads etc.

But when I want to access my mail account (t-online in Germany) I can connect direct from the mail computer to the ISP using a normal PPPoE connection. I just have to make sure that the 500g is not connected at the time I'm trying to connect to the second ISP.

To tell if the 500g is connected or not I'm using the program Router Control - http://www.routercontrol.de/ , which shows the connection status.

Unfortunately Router Control does not have the instructions to disconnect or connect the 500g (for most of the other routers these instructions are available). Does anyone know what the disconnect instruction string for the 500g is? (should I start a new thread for this?)

02-03-2004, 19:54
Maybe this is off-topic, but....

If you have a USB DSL Modem, how can you use it in this router ? :confused:

Probably I missed something.. :)


03-03-2004, 10:58
Sorry for the confusion, but the usb modem is sitting on the shelf. My setup before I received the 500g was with the usb modem and a switch (also sitting on the shelf).

I am now using a dsl modem with an ethernet connection (Teledat 330 picked up on ebay).