Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-HDD AC-adaptor, watt,volt,amp?

15-09-2004, 20:23
What is the volt output (not 110/230), watt dissipation and current consumption?

15-09-2004, 20:50
the power supply supplied with my wl-hdd is the same as delivered with a MyPal A620 and a WL-300(not G)

DC 5.00 volt and 2 Ampere (the same voltage/ampere as the wl500g uses)

i have no idea of consumption, this would be dependent on your HD you've inserted too

15-09-2004, 22:36
Thank you for that quick reply, I have another question that i fotgot to post:
Can it be used as an acces point? I saw those screenshots from the web-interface and it seemed so, but I have never read it somewhere. Beta-firmware?

16-09-2004, 00:59
the newest only firmware available is (afaik asus is not supplying any firmware yet)
the current default is when wl-hdd is delivered can be found in the firmware releases forum and then wl-hdd ofcourse

regarding the AP yes it can, it can router also, wds too(tested with WEP128 enabled works perfect)

see screenshot: