Bekijk de volledige versie : Dilemma....Oleg or OpenWRT, what would be the best descision for me...?

27-03-2007, 07:33
Hello people,

Yesterday my head started spinning again and I wanted to get "busy" with my WL500-g again ;)

I want to start using it (if possible!) as a Webserver with PHP and MySQL (for 2 domains) enabled (I know http and php is no problem but don't know about MySQL).
And I want to install a complete Mail server on it (for about 10 accounts on 2 domains).

I want to mount a 3,5 USB HDD Case to it with a 8GB HDD in it (or do only regular USB drives work on it, I never tried so I am not sure unfortunately).

What would be my best option, use one of Oleg's firmwares or start using OpenWRT (and xmail) ?

Or would my idea to use the router as complete Web and Mail server be just "too much" for the router (too less Ram, too much CPU Load) ?

Best regards,