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20-03-2007, 06:27
I have a big problem, somehow i made some changes on the router (don't know exactly how i could affect password settings) and it's appear i can't login to web interface anymore.
I still have SSH access, i use keys for auth.
So my big question to you is how can i reset the web interface password from the ssh console ?
I did some checks in /www i assumed that i could find the file that it's used to query for password but no luck, can't find the place where http password are stored.
I don't wanna do a hard reset the router, that's my last option. It has to be a way that i could change that password.
Any ideas would be grate. Thanks a lot.

20-03-2007, 16:09
in the ssh prompt just write this: nvram get http_passwd
it will show your current password.
To change it: nvram set http_passwd=<yourpassword>

PS: not sure right now if you need to do a "nvram commit" to make the changes permanent

20-03-2007, 21:37
it works, thanks mate. if you ever come by in Romania i'll give you a drink. :D