Bekijk de volledige versie : mt-daapd & Amarok or Banshee, no sound

19-03-2007, 22:52

Update: found solution, see below.

I have installed mt-daapd rel 2.4 on my box with KFurge's image. Just to try if this box can make music without buying additonal hardware, I wanted to try Amarok or Banshee as daap-clients. Both can see all the songs I have pointed mt-daapd to. But none can actually play them. Amarok does not find a suitable input plugin for http://localhost:4110/daap.mp3, and underneath this message is Xine complaining that it can't get there: xine parameters: http status not 2xx:
It's all in Dutch, so not exact.
Banshee can also see all the songs, but if it tries to play one it skips to the next song and so forth, until it reaches the last song (very fast).
I also tried it with the web interface of the box with SMB-shares, again I can see all the files, they start to play, but leap immediately to the end.
In the meantime, MT-daapd says it has no single song streamed yet.
It looks as if the stream does not start. I have played with the scan-options without luck. I like to play with the log-options, but I don't know how (\var\log\mt-daapd.log -d9 ???)

I have tried this with with the internal music-player (is also mt-daapd) and with the extra installed version. I could find this problem on the internet, but no solution.

Now my question is to the Linux users here: who has succesfully used mt-daapd with either Amarok, Banshee or even Rhythmbox????

Of course, it is almost always the same: if I finally post a question, the answer comes right after that. Maybe it's because one thinks his steps over in an orderly fashion?
Whatever, the solution was to remove the proxy configuration in Amarok for the Xine engine, that it had taken over from my global configuration. You bet that if the box is in your own room, it won't be found in the church half a mile away, where my proxy is.:o
Though, for Banshee this did not work; I can't see where to tell Banshee how to use or don't use a proxy. I already have asus put in the list of non-proxy hosts globally.:confused:

Regards, Marc