Bekijk de volledige versie : jtag connection

19-03-2007, 16:46
Does the 700ge have a jtag connection. I've installed a serial port and managed to brick the device doing...

CFE> flasg flash0

I seem to have overwritten the CFE code.


20-03-2007, 03:12
Don't know about a JTAG interface, but how did you get a bootloader prompt?

- K.C.

21-03-2007, 03:08
I got the CFE prompt doing the following...

Hit CTRL+C when the device is waiting for a tftp upload.

I would test this out and give you detailed instructions, but my device is a brick right now.

Does anybody know if there's a JTAG connection? Or does anybody know where I can get a new mainboard for the thing? As of now this is by far the most expensive door stop I have... :(