Bekijk de volledige versie : ASUS WL-500gP + smbfs support

15-03-2007, 13:14
Hi there!
First, I have to say, I newbie to linux. So... I have upgraded my router with the latest oleg firmware and installed all the gadgets (transmission, ...). Everything works fine only the performance while transferring files is making me crazy. For 4gigs file I need about 40-50 minutes to transfer it over the network. I know, I can not have it all but anyway...

What have I done so far:
I bought 2gigs USB key and transfer /opt and swap file to it and external USB HDD is still connected to the router with map /tmp/harddisk. Works fine.
Step two:
Now I am trying to connect router with another NAS connected to my lan and map /tmp/harddisk. Unfortunately my NAS supports only samba connections and kernel on router does not support smbfs connections :( . Here I am on the road to nowhere. While googling I found out that I would have to recompile my kernel :confused: . Don't like it and I would probably mess everything up (I am a Windows guy :o - have mercy). Is anyone out there who can help me with SMBFS? I would really like to get rid of external USB HDD connected to the router. Thanx. Samo

16-03-2007, 17:59
Here is the module I use for that. Just load it with insmod.
If you want to load it automatically on boot, just add the module to a flash writable directory and add a insmod /path_to_module/smbfs.o to your post-boot

Good luck

18-04-2007, 12:01
Thanks for your answer. It was very helpful. Now I have another problem. I can not mount windows share in post-boot. If I execute the same command in prompt it connects to my share on windows without any problems??

smbmount // /tmp/harddisk -o username=x,password=x

Thanks, Samo

18-04-2007, 21:18
Try to wait some seconds before mounting the smb share. For example, you could add a "sleep 10" (wait for 10 seconds) before the smbmount.

27-04-2007, 12:31
The answer was right there on my nose and I just could not see it. The path was missing in front of smbmount (/opt/bin/smbmount...). Now it works great! Thanks.