Bekijk de volledige versie : Using as media server to stream WD mybook content to media link

15-03-2007, 11:03
I am a regular guy without programming expertise who wants to use this new technology.

-Bought a 500gp and connected a WD mybook with FAT32 formatting. Works ok and I can see my content and maps via My Network Places. (Had to disable Media Server and boot first though...)

- Bought a Helios X3000 hd network media player (11g and upnp) and installed NeoLink Media Server software on my XP sp2 PC (with only 11b wlan)

- In the NeoLink software I have mapped up the relevant media folders to the ASUS connected my book (had to map up a Z:drive to be able to do this)

The media link presents both my ASUS and my pc as available on the TV screen, wireless connection excellent. However; it shows me no available content when choosing ASUS. When I choose pc however, I can find and play my content (divx). BUT the quality is not good (hacking and stopping) as i suspect it is routed through my PC and thereby only 802.11b=11 MBps. ASUS claimed the router was upnp so I thought this would be a walk in the park and not needing to have my pc turned on...

Could a nice soul recommend me a setup and how-to for a pc novice? I am willing to try to replace the firmware with something else and worst case buy some media server program like TwonkyVision to make this work, but dont know what to do.

03-04-2007, 13:04
You must downgrade firmware. Version 1972 is bad. Use 1970 or older.