Bekijk de volledige versie : rc.local issue

12-03-2007, 22:30
Hi Friends,

here is something i can't understand.
I had some trouble with my unit. The power supply was out of office. The service replaced the brick unit with a new one, and changed back the hdd. So i've got all my data. Next i uploaded KC's 02a firmware.
I thought the linux is not like windows, programs need not to be reinstalled.
Now the rc.local starts, but i'm not sure. The telnet starts, but if i # the telnet line, i have no telnet, and the secondary rc.local can reactivate the telnet.
The mount is not started. If i type the mount and export commands, it's ok, but not via rc.local. The case i # the if's, the mount still not executed.

The second one:
the .profile's are there, but if i edit etc/passwd and/or __pdc/passwd, after restart the endless looping reboot is there. Can't do the right thing! :(

Anybody? Any idea? Please? :o

best regards

15-03-2007, 15:33
Hey Friends,

it was me! :D
It's windoze rulez! I used ' at the nvram commands in the rc.local. The correct sign is of course ` . :D

best regards,