Bekijk de volledige versie : A bug in Oleg FW?

10-03-2007, 07:56
PPPoE with empty WAN IP address issue has appeared when I flashed the Oleg on my 500Gp, different from original FW. Plz see the pic below.

Is that a bug?

Thanks, and any feedback would be helpful.

31-03-2007, 07:09

This shouldn't be a bug. PPPOE negociates its address via DHCP, so you'll get it after the connection is established...


07-04-2007, 14:15
Thanks for your reply. But I think the WAN IP setting here should be disabled when using PPPoE, I cannot leave blank here if I click this text box, it prompts a message, please see below. I tried to fill, but it seems not to work any more.

Moody Blue
07-04-2007, 16:33
Using as the ip address, PPPoE is not affected in my case (dynamic IP).

08-04-2007, 14:57
I reflashed the firmware after cleaning the nvram, then filled in0.0.0.0, it works!
Thanks a lot!;)