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06-03-2007, 08:32
Can anyone help me , how to setup wireless bridging firmware f.

I tried following procedure but it did not work :
configure wl500 as access point only
configured the ip address to
disabled dhcp server
configure wireless ssid of wl500 as ErikJoke2
configure wireless bridging wds only
selected same channel as my zyxel nbr 7
added mac address of router in connection list.
telnet to router
issued the commands
wl ap 0 # Disable dhcp server
wl wet 1 # Enable bridging
wl scan "ErikJoke" # ErikJoke is my ssid of my
wl join "ErikJoke" -key abc123 -imode bss -amode wpapsk

I did not configure an mac based access list on my zyxel .

When i connect a labtop to my wl500 i do

How can i test if the join was successfull
How do i get an ip address
Is there a commandline procedure only or should the commands issued on the commandline have the same effect as the gui steps in this procedure ?