Bekijk de volledige versie : ftp connection problems

25-02-2007, 21:19
I am having problems with connecting to a ftp server through the asus.
I have the asus 700 connected to an actiontec dsl modem in bridge mode where the asus gets the ip address through pppoe or something.

I use cuteftp to connect to the ftp server which is able to log into the server but getting the remote directory listing always times out. Maybe it is because the ftp server is sending the listing to the local ip address?

Do I have to change any default settings to use a ftp client behind the asus router, and if so what exactely are the changes in the webadmin pages??? Port triggers, port forwarding, virtual hosts?????? (Its all greek to me)

Thanks in advance for your help.

This is driving me absolutely crazy and have not been able to upload for 2 weeks.:(

26-02-2007, 17:23
You mean to connect from WAN. Try to disable passv modus. Use active (in your client).