Bekijk de volledige versie : How can the port be opened when the firewall is activated?

22-02-2007, 14:02

I don't understand how that can possibly happen. What's the szeanrio?:
A D-Link modem-router is configured as bridge and connected to the Asus 700ge, which establishes the ADSL PPoE connection.
The firewall is switched on. Lan-to-Wan and Wan-to-Lan Filters are disabled. There are currently no Virtual servers or DMZ defined.
So is it possible that a specific 5 digit Portnumber is opened, while the ones around it are stealthed by the firewall?

Any idea? I enabled UPnP under IP-Config=>Misc. and an application running on the system uses the open port, which I found.
Enabling UPnP, does that meanthat a client (or an app running on it) can open temporarly a port which is required? If so, do you consider this as an security problem and how for long is the port opened?

Thanks for your answers