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13-02-2007, 09:40
kan iemand mij vertellen wat het verschil is tussen ASUS firmware en

ik lees op verschillende sites dat het niet verstandig is om op te waarderen naar de laatste firmware.

weet iemand waarom dit is?

Alvast bedankt

is there anyone who can tell me the difference between ASUS firmware and

i read in several topics that the new firmware terrible is.
is this correct?
Can anyone tell me why this is?
wich firmware is better?

thank you for your help

04-03-2007, 11:24
Well, I put it (1972) there a day ago (I had1969) and:
- bandwith managemeneth has been modified (do not want to say improved)

when I apply for example internet apps. priority and start uTorrent from 1 PC, it totally screw router functions, data transfer freezes and router is unusable

therefore I do not use that (priorities) any more and router behaves OK

I have not noticed anything else, but well, did not look for something