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07-02-2007, 12:17

I intend to buy a WL-500gP and I need it to have some features that users manual does not show.

1. WAN MAC adress spoofing - My ISP is blocked internet access onyl to a MAC address of my LAN card on my current router. Is 500gP is capable to change MAC address for the WAN port and is it easy to do. Is this feature availabe in WEB configuration.

2. TTL modifications. my ISP keeps TTL to 1 to discourage any use of routers. So I need that my new wifi router is capable of modifying TTL of packets. Is such feature aslo available from web iface.

As I know Linux inside is quite capable of this features but is there easy awy to do this w/o learning internals of this OS and networking.

Thank you.