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05-02-2007, 14:43
Hey i fixed all the problem(slow streaming of DiVX and big files and bad range) that i had but i'm still experiencing troubles when i try to write on the USB HDDs that are plugged to the ASUS WL 500g Premium.(I'm just able to read)

Does anybody knows how to fix this problem ??
(of curse the guest account is read/write enabled but doesn't write anyway)

thank you for your attention


05-02-2007, 18:09
What file system do you use?

First of all you should look in your smb.conf if you set writing permission to that share. ("writeable = yes" and "guest ok = yes" if you login as guest).

If you use ext2/ext3 make sure you set the correct permissions. The easiest way would be

chmod -R 777 sharenode

but then every user may write on that share. The other way would be to set the owner to a specific owner-name (e.g. owner1 ) and add the line force user = owner1 into your smb.conf (only for this share).

Good look

06-02-2007, 13:28
I use NTFS