Bekijk de volledige versie : Wifi nightmare

04-02-2007, 12:50
Summary: PCs behind router can't ping modem. Also can't get WiFi working. Aggh!

I really have no clue where to start with this one. Can I just say that I usually know what I'm doing.

Arrived at my parents place where I'd set up a wl500g with a USB printer. I plugged my box in via cable and everything seemed fine. Then I relised that only some sites where working...

Tried to ping my banking site and relised it was trying to ping

I thought there must be a problem with DNS.

Here's the setup:

1) Modem: Separate linksys ADSL2 modem on plugged via crossovercable into the WAN port

2) router behind modem: wl500g on with wireless as 128bit WEP and a 16 digit random key that has worked before.

3) clients behind router: upto 2 laptops and 1 PDA connected via WIFI, and upto 4 PCs plugged in by ethernet, all getting thier IPs by DHCP so that gateway and DNS on them is set to

I got hacked off with it and decided to do a reset and reconfigure the router.
a) WiFi isn't working anymore. On a linux box using `wireless assistant` it just says `failed`. Using /etc/network/interfaces that was setup and working before, the DHCP request over multiple channels just never completes.

b) DNS requested were slow and delayed at some point. Looking at /etc/resolv.conf on the router I see DNS is relayed to so it's passing it on. Thing is, I can just set the client PCs to use as the DNS because the client PCs can't ping

As I write this the laptop on windows is working with a plugged in ethernet cable. However a PC on linux also with a plugged in cable can ping but can't go to any websites? Ah correction, only effects firefox but not konqueror... looks like the priority now is WIFI.

How can I diagnose what is wrong with this WIFI? How can I check the WL500g settings through telnet just to make sure copying that WIFI key has worked and the DHCP server is ok?

I also notice that a Windows PC plugged in by cable to the router takes ages to complete the ipconfig command, and connecting by WIFI gets stuck on `waiting for network`.

Thanks for any help, what a nightmare, especially as I now have 3 WL500g's!