Bekijk de volledige versie : only 3 torrents possible

25-01-2007, 16:57
I'm using a wl500gP with the official fimware and use the router primarily for BT downloads (saved at an external HD).
Download Master seems to work just fine, but only downloads 3 torrents at the same time (others remain queued @ 0B/2B).

Maybe this is triggered by the settings in asus_gift.conf (in directory \part0\etc)

autosearch_interval = 10
autosearch_max = 10
max_bandwidth = 0
search_key = NFS speed
search_type = everything
max_downloads = 20

When I raise the value of max_downloads and restart the router, it becomes again 20. By the way, I can't change the file to "only read".

I'm not sure if I should blame asus_gift.conf for my problem, maybe there is something else responsible for the limitation of only 3 active torrents downloads... Can anyone help me out?

18-02-2007, 11:51
The truth is, with the original firmware you can write into directories except /tmp (note everything you modified are lost after a reboot except /tmp/harddisk/). And I don't think the download speed limits the number of torrents. I can recommend Oleg's firmware!