Bekijk de volledige versie : Something like Pphsysinfo for asus wl500g...

24-01-2007, 12:38
Hi all,
i was looking for something like phpsysinfo... didnt find anything specialy for asus so i made one myself :D

result could be seen here: http://wl500g.no-ip.org

It use python2.5 script to colect info every 5min (cron) and output vars.php with variables that could be included in your php page and used as fit.

xhtml page is very simple and some php is used too

You can download all files from here: http://www.vladoportos.sk/asus.zip

What you need is running cron, webserver with php (im running httpd), python2.5 (older version should runn too but need change at top of script "#!/opt/bin/python2.5" to your bin eg:"#!/opt/bin/python2.4" or "#!/opt/bin/python" there are also graphs, i used rrd and script that i found here in forum...

Script need to be executable, and if you wanna to output file somewhere else that default, edit at beginning, script variable "file = '/opt/share/www/vars.php'" as you like...

You can modify it all as you seen fit, but leave my nick name there...

Hope you like it ( or better find it usefull :D )

Any comments, improvement etc... write here in forum, thanks.