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23-01-2007, 09:42
hi guys
I have a wl500gp and I had dd-wrt firmware installed, then I thought in changing it to Oleg's one. Before I had openWRT but someway I seem to have screw it up..

I can install oleg's version on my router but I can't login with the usual admin/admin or root/admin. I tried to install openWRT and the same hapens. In openwrt you first have to enter a password and none works (in open wrt in the fist configuration you have to set a password but I can't do that because it always says that it was unable to change password file)

I tried to install the official version of the firmware but the same problem appears... can't login anyway...
I tried to install again dd-wrt and it seems to work nice.. but when I change to another firmware it login still doesnt work (and the wireless ssid is set as dd-wrt)

my question is:

is there anyway I can solve this? maybe a nvram clear (I don't know what this is but I saw it somewhere)

I really need this asap

PLEASE GUYS I would be very thankful to you guys.

24-01-2007, 19:30
Thanks anyway guys

I was able to solve this problem :)
Aparently dd-wrt now uses a new encrition thing and when u put another firmware that thing goes crazy.
the solution is to install the firm u want and after u put it turn it off and turn it on. then press restore button for about 30s a light will start blinking. after those 30s u just have to turn it off and on again and it will work perfectly

Thank u all.. U all saved me a couple of bucks ;)

regards and keep up the good work