Bekijk de volledige versie : Installing PEAR

21-01-2007, 12:39
Has anybody tried to install (oleg's) ipkg PHP-PEAR on kfurge's firmware? Is it possible? I've tried it, but without success:

> ipkg install php-pear
Could not open input file: /tmp/pear/install-pear.php

-File /tmp/pear/install-pear.php doesn't exist. So how to install it? Is there other way? Would openwrt support pear?

08-06-2008, 21:09
I also get this issue. It appears that the php-pear package is broken as it includes install-pear.txt instead of install-pear.php like it should.

[shinji@WL-001E8C3E002C info]$ ipkg files php-pear
Package php-pear (5.2.6-1) is installed on /opt/ and has the following files:

Successfully terminated.


I'll try a manual install I guess.

Here is the content of install-pear.txt... :(

| The installation process is incomplete. The following resources were |
| not installed: |
| |
| PEAR: PHP Extension and Application Repository |
| |
| To install these components, |
| download http://pear.php.net/install-pear.phar to php-src/pear/ |
| become the superuser and execute: |
| |
| # make install-su |

Edit: Ok. I found a fix for it. php-install-nozlib.phar is the actual installer file. After installation go to /opt/lib/ipkg/info/ and edit php-pear.postinfo.

Change references to php-install.php to php-install-nozlib.phar and save it. Afterwards you will need to extract the attached file into /tmp so that there is a /tmp/pear folder afterwards and re-run /opt/lib/ipkg/info/php-pear.postinfo. It will install correctly after that.

oleg: Do you think you could fix the php-pear package? Thanks!