Bekijk de volledige versie : changed to user based login so ftp was secure but....

15-01-2007, 20:25
now the links on my desktop as a mapped drive do not function, the drive isnt accesible. i had to make a link to it as an ftp and i dont want that for my home computer.
what is keeping the mapped drive letter from not working now that the user based settings have been activated so the dyndns service is secure?


15-01-2007, 22:25
I had similar issues and there has been some discussion on samba and user mode elsewhere (mostly on the 500 series).

For my setup (os x) I use this to connect:

smb://<ip address goes here>/MYSHARE1

Prior to going to user mode I simply had the ip, once I switched to user mode I had to supply the share name too. Hope that works for you.