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14-01-2007, 23:22

I have tried to compile the original asus firmware sources for some days now but i did no usable result. Does anyone know, how it is possible to compile them?
I have installed the toolchain to /opt/brcm and the toolchains itself seems to wirk correct. I am using the 3.2.3 toolchain and 3.2.3 uClib I downloaded from the asus ftp.

But when I try to compile the sources, the compiling process brakes after a while. At first there were the httpd dictionary-files missing. After I fixed this problem the compiler stoped while compiling busybox because it used my /lib/modules directory instead of the mipsel-linux sources. I tried to fix this by editing the busybox Makefile but it does not work.

I have done sime compiling works for other routers befor, but I never had such Problems I have with the WL500gP sources.

By the way: I am using a 8.2 SuSE Professional running inside a VM to compile the source as Red Hat 7.1 (like described in the README) has not worked because of an old glibc version of 2.25.

Does anybody know how I could compile the sources myself?
Does anybody have any experience?

06-02-2007, 17:52
After your message I installed linux to verify your
I downloaded the souces which include
the toolchain to compile and build the firmware.

1st one has to complain at Asus about the bad organization
and documentation of the source archive. It consists
of the original broadcom sources with their makefiles.
Asus obviously added their changes to these directories
without deploying a correct build path.

So the first false step I made was to read the readme file
in the toplevel directory which unfortunately is the one
from broadcom. So if one follows these steps the build
process terminates immediately with lots of warnings and
errors. Asusīs changes obviously broke this makefile.

So I changed one directory deeper into one of the Asus
directories (./router/.) which also include a makefile and a readme.
Joy of joys, there I found the description that seemed
to describe the steps to start the build process correctly in
readme_asus. Unfortunately this build process does not
work properly as well. Launching the corresponding makefile
with the described parameter fires off a lot (and I mean a lot)
of warnings but it aborts after a while with errors.

So I guess we have to urge Asus to deliver correct
sources that are properly buildable... It looks like
the same situation as with linksys which also delivered
incorrect sources at first, if I remeber correctly.

Best regards